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0:12 Building Blocks for Treatment Plan
0:42 Who is the lecture for?
0:51 Advanced Cancer outside the Prostate
1:03 What is the problem?
1:27 Oversimplification?
1:49 Too many diagnostic options?
1:59 Multiplicity of practice and business models?
2:24 Misunderstood terms and concepts?
2:40 Outdated perceptions?
3:04 Too much information
3:30 Goals of this presentation
4:02 The Basics of Advanced Prostate Cancer
6:13 “Updated” Biology of Advanced Prostate Cancer
6:38 “Clonal” theory of Cancer
6:45 The Heterogeneity of Prostate Cancer Cells
10:20 Systemic treatments as of 2023
10:48 What is a systemic therapy?
11:28 Suppressive therapies
13:05 Cytotoxic therapies
14:12 Mechanism of Action (MOA)
14:52 Testosterone promotes prostate cancer growth
16:01 GnRH Hormone Therapy
16:27 Anti-Androgen Hormone Therapy
16:58 Hormone (Castrate) Resistant Prostate Cancer
17:28 ARPI Hormone Therapy
18:55 Chemotherapy
19:55 Immunotherapy
20:37 Radioligand Therapy
21:40 What’s the best way to create a treatment plan?
25:03 Abbreviations pertaining to forms of therapy
25:46 Case study: Newly diagnosed Advanced Prostate Cancer
27:39 Triple therapy
28:51 What if you didn’t start with Triple Therapy?
29:48 Case 1: Failing HT?
32:51 Chemotherapy first
34:12 Case 2: Failing HT + ARPI?
38:50 Less differentiated = more aggressive cancer = LESS PSA & PSMA
39:36 PSA Zero
40:24 Case 3: Failing HT + prior CHtx?
42:19 Case 4: Failing HT + ARPI + prior CHtx?
45:35 Proper “care and feeding” of your treatment plan
46:00 Regular and comprehensive follow up is key
47:13 Prior genetic testing
49:36 Updating genetic testing
50:43 Mutations relevant to PARPi
52:13 Mutations relevant to immunotherapy
54:07 Mutations relevant to PARPi or immunotherapy
57:05 Regular and comprehensive follow summary
57:24 Direct treatments as of 2023
58:15 DIY Combat Manual for Beating Prostate Cancer Videos
59:02 Multiple ways that residual disease can be eliminated
59:21 Chest surgery example
59:47 Radiation therapy example
1:01:25 Minimal invasive procedures
1:02:33 Misunderstood concepts
1:03:18 Stand-of-Care
1:05:11 Guidlines
1:05:58 Clinical trials
1:09:43 Oversimplified view of disease
1:10:08 List to bring to with you to physician meetings
1:10:48 Dr. Kwon’s Team

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