Listen to me..for those who really want to know before making a judgement of me. I respect all cops. BUT this is just a funny moment…where a cop threatens to arrest the guys that are there to help him…you can be sure I would be the first to take him off the fence…right after I get a few shots and a short video. The cops is clearly not in pain and just perfectly held their by his pants. Him forcing to turn himself around causes him to shit in his underwear and well YES his wife cleaned the FACVK out of the cotton so that it was like Lunar Surface Base coating WHITE brilliantly reflective and a spot in the middle….If I was to ask you what you wished would happen to a Police abusing of protesters….I am sure you would never have thought of this…Oh My GOD I am Crying with tears of laughter…..Cop has a really shitty day.


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