Sounds of SAND is a podcast from Science and Nonduality which contemplates and reveres the beauty, complexity, pain, and great mystery that weave the infinite cycles of existence.

We explore beyond ultimate truths, binary thinking, and individual awakening while acknowledging humanity as a mere part of the intricate web of life.

Episodes tap into SAND’s rich history and collaborative future by presenting talks, dialogs, interviews, readings, music, and recordings from SAND Conferences, events, and webinars weaving timeless wisdom and embodied experience.

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Judith Blackstone, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist and innovative teacher in contemporary spirituality. She developed the Realization Process®, an embodied approach to personal and relational healing and nondual realization. She is the author of Trauma and the Unbound Body, Belonging Here, The Intimate Life, The Enlightenment Process, and The Empathic Ground. For more, see


The Fullness of the Ground is a guide to embodied nondual realization and its profound effect on our senses, our ability to love, our experience of our own authentic existence, and our connection with other living beings. It distills Dr. Judith Blackstone’s decades of teaching into the essentials of the nondual spiritual path.

The Fullness of the Ground


0:00 – Introduction
2:11 – Spiritual Path
7:16 – Grounded or Groundless?
12:06 – Realization Process
18:16 – Ancestors and Collective Trauma
23:02 – Attunement Practice
29:22 – Balancing and Striving
30:42 – Gradual vs. Direct Path
31:54 – Illusion of Separateness
34:06 – Upcoming Events
35:15 – Nondual Realization
36:52 – Guided Meditation

Mentioned in the episode – #48 Ancestral Healing: Daniel Foor –

Science and Nonduality is a community inspired by timeless wisdom, informed by cutting-edge science, and grounded in direct experience. We come together in an open-hearted exploration while celebrating our humanity.


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