[HEADPHONES ON] Enjoy this incredible audio and video from the launch pad and various locations for the most powerful rocket to ever fly, SpaceX’s Starship for its second integrated flight test! 4K slow motion captured on ZCam’s and BlackMagic 12K Ursa, RED Komodox and G2 4.6K with SIGMA lenses and Meade Telescopes.

SpaceX’s second launch of the largest and most powerful rocket ever took place on November 18th, 2023, from Starbase, TX. Both the Super Heavy booster and the Starship upper stage were terminated by automatic flight termination systems prior to mission completion.

That being said, the test was largely considered a success as many new milestones were reached, including a full clean first stage burn, hot-staging, the launch pad’s upgrades held up, and second stage was able to mostly complete its burn.

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To license content: Ryan@CosmicPerspective.com

Aerial Footage by Rotor Visual – https://www.rotorvisual.com/

Song: “Cryo” by Everyday Astronaut – https://open.spotify.com/track/4gsRTB85skcxkvQq4Ys43W?si=fba510cceb044ff7

Everyday Astronaut, Cosmic Perspective and Rotor Visual Team Members: Tim Dodd, Ryan Chylinski, MaryLiz Chylinski, Andrew Keating, Ben Stineman, Chadwick Case, Andrew Taylor, John Pisani, Blaine Allen, Nick Jakubik, Mykel Del Angel, Spencer Tetik & Aleigh Comstock.

00:00 – Pad Cam
00:39 – Pad Cam [Slow Mo]
01:50 – Pad Cam Tight
02:05 – Pad Cam Tight [Slow Mo]
02:22 – North Remote
02:49 – North Remote [Slow Mo]
03:16 – Jetty Remote Wide
03:50 – Jetty Remote Tight
04:05 – Jetty Remote Tight [Slow Mo]
04:46 – Planetary Society Cam
05:25 – Tim and MaryLiz BTS
06:17 – Rotor Visual BTS
07:04 – Drone Tracker
08:26 – Nick BTS
09:11 – Nick Tracker
11:51 – Nick Tracker [Slow Mo]
13:02 – Ryan Tracker
14:26 – Ryan Tracker [Slow Mo]
16:56 – John Tracker
20:25 – John Tracker [Slow Mo]


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