NASA is set to launch the Orion spacecraft to a distant retrograde lunar orbit atop the Space Launch System (SLS) for its maiden launch known as Artemis 1. Launching from Launch Complex 39B, at the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, the Artemis I mission will certify both Orion and the SLS Block 1 rocket for crewed spaceflight; its next mission–aptly named Artemis II–will be crewed, and bring a yet-announced crew to lunar orbit (but will not land on the lunar surface) #artemis1

Check out our Prelaunch Preview to learn more about this mission!

00:00 – Intro
03:15 – Prelaunch Preview
14:50 – Q&A
01:37:45 – Hosting Break
02:30:00 – Kerbal Space Program
03:19:00 – Red Crew Announcement
04:05:30 – Red Crew Arrives at Pad
04:53:00 – Red Crew Leaves Pad
04:56:40 – Hosting Break
05:17:08 – Eric Berger Q&A
05:30:49 – ESA Mission Manager Philippe Berthe Q&A
05:44:20 – John Kraus Q&A
05:56:00 – Q&A
05:59:55 – Weather Update from Delta 45
06:05:40 – Q&A
06:53:07 – Countdown Hold
07:31:40 – Go / No-Go Poll
07:34:50 – Terminal Count
07:44:33 – Liftoff!!!
07:46:55 – Booster Separation
07:58:45 – Replays!!!


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