The Many Stories of Ariadne’s Life and Love

One of the largest Bronze Age archaeological sites in Crete is the palace ruins at Knossos. The passageways have an elaborate layout and one can still see murals that show a sport in which men would jump over bulls. There are physical signs and connections between the mythological stories related about the fabled inhabitants of […]

Joe Rogan & Aaron Rodgers Have a Blistering Response to Media’s Attacks

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” reacts to a DM clip ofJoe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers ranting about who really controls the narrative of the media companies and how they were targeted by media when much of what they said has turned out to be true. WATCH the MEMBER-EXCLUSIVE segment of the show here: […]

Mythical Ancient Emperors Who Fought Over the Birth of China

In Zhengzhou, China, stands a monumental testament to antiquity: a towering sculpture, reaching a staggering 106 meters (348 ft) in height. This awe-inspiring structure immortalizes two fabled figures from Chinese lore: Yandi, remembered as the “Flame Emperor,” and Huangdi, revered as the “Yellow Emperor.” Erected to commemorate their roles as the progenitors of Chinese civilization, […]

Ancient Anomalies We Can’t Explain

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What Are the Contributions of the Olmecs to the World? (Video)

The Olmecs, an ancient Mesoamerican civilization predating the Aztecs and Mayas, left a profound mark on history despite the mysteries surrounding their origins and disappearance. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Americas Videos History Famous People Read Later  Source link

Canaries In A 5G Coal Mine with Shannon Rowan Out now – David Icke

This week author of ‘The Plight of A Modern Day Canary’ Shannon Rowan joins us to discuss her experience and health issues caused by EMF and WIFI exposure. Not only has our entire electromagnetic reality been transformed over the past forty years but with toxins from food, experimental gene therapies sold as vaccines and now […]