Slavoj Žižek on Vladimir Putin | HasanAbi reacts

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Alan Watts – Guided Meditation (Listening and Vocalizing)

In this talk and guided meditation from “A New Social Ritual,” Alan Watts proposes that groups of all kinds begin to regularly host this form of contemplative social ritual… a simple yet powerful meditation centered around listening and vocalizing. Recorded in New York City, 1971, during Alan Watts appearance at a conference on Eastern religions […]

What Is Human Nature? Alan Watts Explains

Alan Watts was a British philosopher, writer, and speaker known for his profound insights into Eastern philosophy, particularly Zen Buddhism, and for his ability to bridge Eastern and Western thought. Born on January 6, 1915, in Chislehurst, England, Watts showed an early interest in spirituality and philosophy. He began studying the teachings of Buddhism and […]

Ancient Human Brains Found Preserved Through Millennia

In a revelation that is stirring the archaeological community, a recent study has demonstrated that human brains can survive the test of time far better than previously believed. This finding, led by forensic anthropologist Alexandra Morton-Hayward and her team from the University of Oxford, reveals a surprising resistance of human brains to decomposition, a stark […]

Israeli Spokesman Suspended After Caught Lying About Food Aid & The Gaza Death Port

UAE Just Overthrew Yemen’s Government — And Nobody’s Talking About It Between a major regional confrontation on the horizon taking place in Syria between Israel, Syria, Russia, Iran, Turkey, and the United States and a potential nuclear standoff with North Korea and China, it is no surprise that there are many newsworthy stories that continue to go unnoticed. One […]

Astral Genesis & Gates of The Annunaki with Jason Quitt | Ep. 42

Curiosity and wonder are important states of mind and being to maintain, and today’s guest is going to help us do just that. Jason Quitt presents his fascinating research into our past. As we explore ancient cultures and their artwork and motifs, it appears we are seeing clues to an ancient language they coded into […]