The Intrigue and Mystery of Ancient Hawaii (Video)

Hawaii, known today as a popular tourist destination, conceals a deeper historical allure that predates Western influence. The archipelago, primarily volcanic, originated between forty and seventy million years ago. The Polynesians, remarkable navigators from Southeast Asia, eventually discovered Hawaii around 400 AD, contributing to the islands’ rich tapestry. Ancient Hawaiian society, dating from 1000 AD […]

Hillary Clinton ATTACKS “Puppy Dog” Tucker Carlson + EU TRAVEL BAN?!! – #302 PREVIEW

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The end of good and evil | Slavoj Žižek, Rowan Williams, Maria Balaska, Richard Wrangham

Slavoj Žižek, Rowan Williams, Maria Balaska and Richard Wrangham debate the utility and meaning of ‘good ‘ and ‘evil’. Are these objective categories? Watch the full debate at Whether we see humans as essentially good or essentially selfish and violent has been central to our politics, our account of society, and our vision for […]

The Revolutionary Red Turban Rebellion: When Peasants Take Up Arms

The Red Turban Rebellion, which took place from 1351 to 1368, was a pivotal event in Chinese history, marking the decline of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty and the rise of the native Ming Dynasty. This rebellion emerged against the backdrop of great social, economic and political discontent, fueled by the oppressive rule of the Mongol-led […]

Another Ufo Flying by a crater along the Terminator Line Live with a Strong Magnification

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The Full Disclosure: Aliens/UFOs – The Eye Opening Hidden Meaning [This Secret Will Blow Your Mind]

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