How Did the Pax Romana Start and End? (Videos)

The Pax Romana, a remarkable era of relative peace in the Roman Empire from 27 BC to 180 AD, marked a pivotal period that shaped the empire’s trajectory. Read more Section:  News Videos Read Later  Source link

Jacqui Deevoy Warns Of UK Democide

If you are not sure of what the word ‘democide’ means, it is the murder of people by a government which has power over them. If that is not bad enough in a malicious, known and accepted dictatorship, then to have democide connected to the ‘democratic’ government of Britain is both extraordinary and deeply deeply […]

Watch Student’s Reaction as Teacher Asks Them This Question About the Border

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a DM clip of Professor Dr. Sam Richards at Penn State giving his students a master class in critical thinking about the border crisis on his YouTube channel SOC 119. Watch Dave Rubin’s FULL DIRECT MESSAGE:–rCDbv02-n8l6agL&index=1&pp=gAQBiAQB WATCH the MEMBER-EXCLUSIVE segment of the show here: Check out […]

Alan Watts Originals | Consciousness Exemplified

🔗 All of Alan’s audio lectures in one bundle at: Welcome to the Alan Watts Originals Series This is Episode 2: Consciousness Exemplified ⬛ The Works of Alan Watts ⬛ ⬜️ All of Alan’s audio lectures in one bundle ◻️ 200 Unique Talks & 230 high quality MP3 files (4.2gb) ◻️ Over 140 hours […]

Waking Up from the Dream | Alan Watts

Join us in this enlightening video where renowned speaker, Alan Watts, discusses the core essence of Buddhism, its roots in Hinduism, and how it transcends outside the cultural boundaries of India. #AlanWatts #Buddhism #Hinduism Original audio sourced from: Alan Watts – Letting Go “He knows that well I can’t put what he knows in any […]

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AI Tool Deciphers Herculaneum Scroll, and It’s All About Pleasure!

A team of student researchers have combined 3D-mapping and AI to decipher a Greek scroll that was encased in ash during the 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The philosophical musing reveals Greek thought on the complexities of “pleasure”. In the ancient Greek world “pleasure” wasn’t just an occasional indulgence; it was an Olympic event […]

War Profits And War Lies: Tricks Of The Deep State Trade

It is through constant lies that the war party generates the wars that bring them unlimited profits. As Congress ponders spending nearly another $100 billion on permanent wars, how do they keep fooling Americans into thinking it’s “national security”? Also today: Ukraine weapons skim. Finally: New poll spells trouble for Biden’s Middle East policy. Tix […]

Top Five Worst Rebellions Under the Tudor Regime (Video)

The Tudor era, spanning 118 years, emerged from the aftermath of the Wars of the Roses. Henry VII’s victory at Bosworth in 1485 secured his tenuous claim to the throne, symbolized by the Tudor Rose, an emblem of peace. Yet, the period was marred by unrest. One notable rebellion was Kett’s Rebellion in 1549, led by farmer […]