Uçhisar Castle, the Enigmatic Stone Village of Cappadocia

Uçhisar Castle stands as an iconic geological formation and historical marvel nestled in the heart of Cappadocia, Turkey. Carved into the unique landscape of the region, this fortress-like structure is not only a testament to human ingenuity, but also a window into the rich history of the area. From its geological origins to its strategic […]

Deep Disclosure with Dr. Steven Greer: Hot Springs, VA, Mar 11-16

Join Dr. Greer in Hot Springs, VA, Mar 11-16 for a deep dive into the Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive. Explore 33 years of findings, UFO crash cases, and secret docs. Limited spots for an exclusive experience. Book now! Link in bio #DisclosureProject #UFOResearch source

They didn’t like it.

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David Stockman: Trump Empowered the Fed & the Warfare/Welfare State

David Stockman destroys the myth that the economy boomed under Trump. Not only were his policies bad, they helped enlarge the government. He spearheaded the Covid lockdowns, oversaw greater spending, and the national debt rose $8 trillion under his reign. Well-meaning conservatives have been fooled. However, this is also the nature of the system and […]

Massive Starship Update! – SpaceX Weekly Update #100

This week at Starbase as work continues on ships, boosters, mega bays, stage 0 and the Starfactory expansion, segments of the next launch tower begin making their way from Cape Canaveral to Starbase. Meanwhile, over at the Cape, SpaceX proudly launches its first of three Cygnus resupply mission to the ISS for Northrop Grumman. Thanks […]