Ordered to prevent genocide – The Grayzone live

International legal expert and ex-UN Office of Human Rights Commissioner whistleblower Craig Mokhiber joins the Grayzone’s Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal to discuss the ICJ’s landmark ruling ordering Israel to prevent genocide by its forces in the besieged Gaza Strip. source

What they REALLY mean by “fighting obesity”

The “obesity epidemic” has been in the news a lot recently. That makes me suspicious. Now before we go any further let’s be clear I’m NOT advocating everyone becomes obese or that there’s anything “body positive” about being 400lbs & unable to see your own feet. I’m NOT saying obesity is not a problem for […]

Top Ex-FBI, DHS & Other Agency Officials Pen Urgent Warning To Congress – David Icke

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) posted a letter sent to him and other members of Congress by former law enforcement officials warning Joe Biden’s open-border policies have put America in grave danger. The cautionary message comes as every GOP governor in the country signed a joint letterThursday supporting Texas in the battle to secure its border […]

A.I. Christopher Hitchens on World War 3

This video is an A.I. generated imagining of how Christopher Hitchens might sound discussing World War 3. The script was generated via Llama 2. This is an artistic, noncommercial parody, employing Christopher Hitchens’ recognized style for lighthearted pop culture commentary. Disclaimer: This work is purely fictional and does not represent Christopher Hitchens’ actual opinions or […]

Rand is Right — Audit The Fed!

Americans are certainly feeling the pain of rapacious government spending, enabled by Federal Reserve counterfeiting. It’s one thing when purchasing luxury items is out of reach. It’s understandable. That’s why they’re called “luxury” items. But when buying food is out of reach? Now you can no longer ignore the source of the problem. Counterfeiting always […]

How Successful Was the Mongol Empire? (Video)

The Mongol Empire, at its zenith, rivaled the British Empire in territorial expanse, controlling around twelve million square miles of land. Emerging in 1279, the Mongol Empire surpassed the Roman Empire in size, reshaping history with the establishment of Pax Mongolica. Often associated with conquest and violence, the Mongols, under Genghis Khan’s leadership, sought more […]

UK Column News – 26th January 2024

Mike Robinson, Debi Evans and Ben Rubin with today’s UK Column News.   ICJ Ruling On Israel Genocide: Preliminary Order 00:22 UN Web TV: THE HAGUE—The International Court of Justice live Wikipedia: International Court of Justice Al Jazeera: ICJ to issue preliminary order in South Africa genocide case against Israel   Dehydration And Sedation Is […]