Missing Body Parts from 5000-Year-Old Dolmen in Sweden Poses Intriguing Questions

The first analysis results now confirm that the grave in Tiarp is one of the oldest stone burial chambers in Sweden. “It’s an early grave which dates to the Early Neolithic period, about 3500 BC,” says archaeologist Karl-Göran Sjögren. The researchers also noted that some parts of the people buried in the grave are missing, […]

The Iliad And The Odyssey: Lessons From Humanities

The Humanities are by definition concerned with humankind’s life-chances and life-fates, and mortality captures humanness from one essential viewpoint – all humans inevitably die. All human life, and too often death, feature in the monumental poems The Iliad and The Odyssey. Mortality is there in both of Homer’s poems – hundreds of Greeks and Trojans […]

Disturbing beyond belief.

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Earth’s Most Incredible Pre-Flood Ruins?

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Gutsy Women: Moira Dundee | UKColumn

Brian Gerrish first interviewed Moira Dundee at the beginning of 2023 to find out more about her courageous personal challenge to the state of affairs during the proclaimed Covid–19 pandemic and especially lockdown. Taking herself out on to the streets in Dundee to exercise by skipping, and using the opportunity to warn the public that […]

Pentagon To Troops: ‘Get Ready To Fight In Gaza!’

Though the Biden Administration has said there will be no US troops on the ground in Israel’s war on Gaza, The Intercept reports yesterday on a US Air Force memo informing personnel to be “on standby to forward deploy to support troops in the case of on ground US involvement in the Israel Hamas war.” […]