A few moments in the Panel Discussion THE POLITICS OF UFO DISCLOSURE event featuring Richard Dolan, Steve Bassett and Chris Lehto. Today’s event is almost over, but there is a lot coming on Sunday. Richard Dolan’s new lecture, a VIP with Steve Bassett and a VIP with Chris Lehto. We have a stellar guest list […]

Mysterious People Who’ve Influenced Activities within the UFO Dilemma

@UAMNTV “The Doty Chronicles” Eps 3 – Mysterious People within the UFO Dilemma: This presentation discusses key people who had some influence and publicity within the UFO community. Some officials are little known outside the UFO community. This presentation discussed what they did to influence the activities within the UFO Dilemma. Please LIKE – SHARE […]

Sumerian Anti-Armageddon Device 4,000 Years Older Than Believed

Drone mappers identified a 19 kilometer (12-mile) long canal in rural Iraq. Built over it, archaeologists excavated what was at first thought to be a bizarre-shaped temple. However, it turns out that ,4,000-years-ago, ancient Sumerians built “a one-of-a-kind anti-drought machine.” Located near the modern city of Nasiriyah, in southern Iraq, the ancient city of Girsu […]

Hodler’s Digest, Nov. 12-18 – Cointelegraph Magazine

Top Stories This Week Sam Altman ousted from OpenAI, CTO Mira Murati named interim CEO ChatGPT developer OpenAI removed founder Sam Altman from his CEO position on Nov. 17. Chief technology officer Mira Murati is now serving as interim CEO. According to a blog post, the board of directors engaged in a “deliberative review process,” […]

David Wilcock LIVE: The Prophecy of Global Ascension

David discusses the most fascinating prophecy of all — the idea that everyone on Earth will soon be experiencing a very real form of Ascension, without catastrophic Earth Changes. The Fatima Prophecies of 1917 may have predicted a much greater, worldwide event that we will see on or before Memorial Day 2025 — a true […]

Steve Bassett on The Politics of UFO Disclosure

Here is a quick look at Steve Bassett delivering his lecture for the live, online event The Politics of UFO Disclosure. You can sign up for a special Sunday ticket for all day event plus VIP with Steve Bassett and a VIP with Chris Lehto. Here’s the details: 🎟️Scroll down to find the Sunday […]

Gaza Marine: Is Israel-Palestine Conflict Caused by Offshore Gas Interests?

Some observers believe that the Israel-Palestine conflict was caused by offshore gas interests in Gaza, called the Gaza Marine Offshore natural gas resources can be found 36 kilometers off the coast of the Gaza Strip. Is there a connection between the Palestinian energy treasure and Tel Aviv’s stated intention to rule the region after the […]