The 7 World’s Most Powerful Ancient Symbols And Their Hidden Meanings (They’ll Change Your Life 👁️)

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Animal Shapes in Viking Art Exhibition (originally a members only video)

From my visit to a Viking Age exhibition at the museum in Oslo some time ago. Originally a members only video, but I wanted you all to see this. Subscribe to to be notified about new videos and get updates about my novels. Useful links and further resources can also be found here. Recommended […]

Mr. Beast must be stopped!

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New UFO Whistleblower describes enormous UAP over Vandenberg AFB!!

After testimony about an enormous “Red Square UFO” became public during a Congressional hearing, a new Air Force whistleblower has come forward to describe two encounters with unusual objects in 2003. #space #alien #uap Please support my channel! EARLY VIDEO RELEASES, DISCORD MEMBERSHIP AND EXCLUSIVE CONTENT PLUS 15% OFF MERCH! Follow me on […]

Starship Likely to Get Launch License THIS WEEK!! – Starbase Weekly Update #88

This week at Starbase while crews remain busy at the build site, Sanchez and Massey’s test site, final preparations are being made at the launch site ahead of the upcoming launch of SpaceX’s second integrated flight test, while over at Cape Canaveral SpaceX launches a resupply mission to the ISS as well as 2 Starlink […]

Henry VIII Blamed His Impotence on His Wife Anne (Video)

The marriage between Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves was sealed not in love, but in diplomatic necessity. Henry had sent his court painter, Hans Holbein, to capture Anne’s likeness, and upon seeing her portrait, he was elated. Read more Section:  News Videos History Famous People Read Later  Source link

There are few more pathetic sights than ‘representatives of the people’ – including Starmer, Brown and Blair of the LABOUR Party – singing ‘God Save the King’ and demanding to be ‘reigned over’ by a ‘Head of State’ selected by who had sex with who in what order living off the backs of the very people that they supposed – supposed – to serve

The One-Party State on public display. This is the freedom that so many millions have died for? Maybe even this is trumped by war criminal Tony Blair having the shamelessness to attend a ceremony for war dead. Source link

Pre-ETF BTC price ‘crash’ or $150K in 2025? Bitcoin forecasts diverge

Bitcoin (BTC) will “most likely” see a serious price drawdown before a key date for institutional investors dawns, says gold bug Peter Schiff. In recent X activity, the longtime Bitcoin skeptic sounded the alarm over recent BTC price gains. Schiff bets on a BTC price “crash” before ETF launches Bitcoin is a favoirte topic of […]