Bitfinex users fall for ‘minor’ phishing attack after employee gets hacked

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex said it suffered a “minor” information security incident after one of its customer support agents was hacked earlier in the week (Oct. 30 — Nov. 5). It led to a spree of phishing attacks against Bitfinex users but little damage was done, the firm explained in a Nov. 4 statement. “A small […]

China Is Hoarding The World’s Gold And It’s For A Good Reason!!!

Despite China being the largest producer of gold in the world, its central bank has been at the forefront of a surge in purchases of the precious metal on the international market as it seeks to reduce its reliance on the dollar. Meanwhile 62% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, making it their “main […]

Alien Aircraft Tracked Across Iceland?

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At this Aztec Festival, Priests Wore Capes of Human Skin from Sacrifice Victims

Few festivals of the ancient world are as strikingly eerie and gruesome as the Aztecs’ Tlacaxipehualiztli. Held annually during the second month of the Aztec calendar, Tlacaxipehualiztli was a festival dedicated to Xipe Totec, the god of fertility, agriculture, and war. The god’s name, “our lord the flayed one,” provides a haunting clue about the […]

Can This Man Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth? (Video)

Since 2015 a visionary geneticist in Boston, Professor George Church of Harvard Medical School, has been at the forefront of a scientific endeavor that challenges the boundaries of possibility. Read more Section:  News Human Origins Science Videos Read Later  Source link

There Will Be No Job In The Future Warns Elon Musk

During the AI Safety Summit in the UK, Elon Musk warned that there would be no jobs in the future and that AI would be able to do everything while addressing U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and billionaire Elon Musk had a one-on-one conversation to wrap up the AI Safety […]

The Plot To Relocate Gaza To Anbar Desert

Reports have appeared since the Trump administration’s peace plan was unveiled in 2019 indicating that the US’s prolonged stay in western Iraq is a plot to relocate Gaza to the Anbar Desert. Thanks to the US-backed “Deal of the Century,” there is a revived discourse among Iraqis on the settlement of Palestinians in the western […]

Israel-Hamas Conflict May Cost Global Economy $2 Trillion

Gregory Daco, chief economist at EY-Parthenon, Ernst & Young’s global strategy consulting arm, told the New York Times that the Israel-Hamas conflict may cost the global economy $2 trillion. According to a prominent Ernst & Young economist cited by the New York Times (NYT) on Wednesday, if the confrontation between […]