How to Prove the Objective Reality of Supernatural Encounters

@UAMNTV Many of us feel that we have had actual experiences with different kinds of super intelligent beings – whether they are aliens, ghosts, DMT machine elves, etc. But society in general typically doesn’t believe experiencer claims. In this talk, building upon his father’s Close Encounters classification system, Paul will present his new classification system […]


9-13-23……….RAINIER OREGON On the morning of 9/13/23 just after 3 A.M upon returning home from work I walked in the house and set down my lunchbox and emptied my pockets before heading back to the porch to fill up the cat bowls and immediately noticed the brightest light I’ve ever seen in a cow field […]

King Thutmose IV, The Pharaoh Who Found the Sphinx (Video)

King Thutmose IV, a prominent figure in ancient Egyptian history, is often associated with the remarkable discovery of the Great Sphinx.  Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Africa Videos History Famous People Read Later  Source link

Starship OFT-2 – Is the wait finally over??

Is Starship ready to go??? Will the FAA finally give SpaceX the green light? #space #spacex #nasa Follow me on twitter: Tweets by Astro_Angry Please support my channel! EARLY VIDEO RELEASES, DISCORD MEMBERSHIP AND EXCLUSIVE CONTENT PLUS 15% OFF MERCH!… Follow me on twitter: Tweets by Astro_Angry Please support my European Tour! A […]

David Wilcock LIVE: My Journey to End-Times LA (to film LEVITATION)

Join David on an impromptu livestream to discuss a truly depressing trip into Los Angeles to film the new upcoming movie, LEVITATION! Before he even left Denver, David had lost his phone — and the only time they could shoot was the following morning. He made it and did an amazing job — but this […]

SpaceX Conducts Full Launch Rehearsal! – Starbase Weekly Update #86

This week at Starbase SpaceX performs a wet dress rehearsal of Ship 25 and Booster 9, Ship 26 is static fired for the first time, Fish and Wildlife Services pays another visit to the launch site, and construction continues at all corners of Starbase, while over at Cape Canaveral SpaceX continues its Starlink launch and […]

Brazil’s USDT adoption soars in 2023, makes up 80% of all crypto transactions

Stablecoin Tether (USDT) has seen a significant surge in adoption in Brazil, accounting for 80% of all cryptocurrency transactions in the country, according to data from Brazil’s revenue service agency.  As of mid-October, USDT transactions in Brazil this year amounted to $271 billion Brazilian reais (~$55 billion), almost double the volume of Bitcoin (BTC) transactions […]