MARCH 13, 1999……….CARNOUSTIE SCOTLAND An unidentified flying object sighted in the Angus skies near Carnoustie this morning has left a number of people mystified. One Carnoustie resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he had been fairly sceptical about such things, but wanted an explanation for what he saw. He and several members of his family, along […]

Did Bill Maher’s Controversial Question for Riley Gaines Go Too Far? #Shorts

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a DM clip of Riley Gaines getting very uncomfortable on “Club Random with Bill Maher” when Maher asks her some very detailed questions about what Lia Thomas looked like in the locker room. WATCH the MEMBER-EXCLUSIVE segment of the show here: Check out the NEW RUBIN REPORT […]

Israel May Flood Hamas Tunnel System Before Ground Operation

According to US investigative writer Seymour Hersh, Israel may flood the Hamas Tunnel System before the ground operation. Before beginning its combat offensive in the Gaza Strip, Israel is considering flooding Hamas’ tunnel system, according to US investigative writer Seymour Hersh, who cited sources. “A well-informed American official told me that the Israeli leadership is […]

Naga Gods of Ancient India: There Is FAR More To This Story Than We’ve Been Told

There were serpent-like beings on Earth thousands of years ago, they were known as the Nagas. They are most well known from ancient Indian texts like the Mahabharata, but they were not limited to the Indian subcontinent, nearly every ancient culture is linked to these strange beings. Who are they, what did they look like […]

Gaza Division – The Real Target Of Hamas Attack

The Israeli daily Haaretz has revealed that the real target of Hamas attacks is the Gaza Division. Two weeks after the October 7th Hamas breakout attack on Israel, a more complete picture of the events, including who murdered and who died, is starting to come to light. Half of the Israelis killed on that day […]

The 10 Laws of Power, According to Narcissists

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Deep House – Walking On The Beach🏝️ 🔥Summer Music 2023 🔥 #summervibes #summermix #deephousemix

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