Starbase Live On Location With Chief – 2023-09-27

2023-09-26 We’re streaming live on location at Starbase’s Launch complex as Starship 25 is being stacked once again onto Booster 9. All images are explicitly owned by LabPadre Media and may not be used without written consent. source

Earth to Mars in 90 MINUTES!! NASA’S Ultimate Nuclear Rocket!

There is a project in the 2023 NIAC program that could completely revolutionize interplanetary spaceflight! 5% of the speed of light with existing technology! Earth to Mars in 90 minutes!! #space #nasa #interstellar If you’d like to attend my tour, or support my move to Europe, please visit my gofundme page! A $10 donation is […]

Ancient Underground City Found In Russia?

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Alan Watts | Chillstep ‘mix | Veil of thought

A collaboration of the best Chillstep and most popular talk from Alan Watts, combined into a relaxing series. #alanwatts #chillstep #aiart #meditation #philosophy #thewaytohappiness #music AiArt, handle, alan watts enchanted forest. source

Honduras’ former president worked for the cartels

Juan Orlando Hernandez, the former President of Honduras and once a close US ally, is now accused by US federal prosecutors of being an accessory to weapons and drug smuggling. His brother, Tony, is serving a life sentence in US federal prison. Politicians, police, and soldiers work as contractors for drug cartels; which have evolved […]