How GPS Works, And How It Got Better Than The Designers Ever Imagined

Civilian GPS was originally supposed to have a precision of 100meters, nowadays it’s good within 1 meter, and some small aircraft can use this precision to land entirely on autopilot. There’s a lot of things that made this possible, on one part new technology, and on the other simply removing road blocks. Follow me on […]

Oliver Anthony Music On Joe Rogan Podcast & His Massive Rise To Fame: My Honest Reaction!

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New discovery!! Analysis proves UFO debris came from another Solar System!

The detailed analysis results from the Galileo Project’s expedition are in! Whatever hit our planet in 2014 was not from our Solar System and does not correspond of any known natural or manufactured material. What does Avi Loeb make of this? #space #alien #nasa Pittsburgh event runs from 2-5 PM on Sep 3, 2023 at […]

Spacecraft Passes 700,000 Km/S In Our Galaxy

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Who’s Been Here & For How Long? #uap #disclosure

Richard M. Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on UFOs. With his extensive knowledge, Richard offers thought-provoking insights, analysis, and discoveries that challenge preconceived notions. Explore video content where Richard shares meticulous research and engages in enlightening discussions about intelligent disclosure. Subscribe now to Richard Dolan’s YouTube channel and join the […]