An Extraordinary Earthly Resident from Venus

@UAMNTV Ted Loman’s UFO AZ TALK Series (Archived Show) – Meet Omnec Onec, an extraordinary woman who courageously journeyed from Venus to Earth, facing numerous challenges in her physical body and learning to trust people. She came to settle karmic debt and shares fascinating insights into life on Venus, their ascension process mirroring humanity’s path, […]

The West sells out Ukraine as counteroffensive flops

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate cover the humiliation Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky endured at NATO’s 2023 conference in Vilnius, where his country’s membership was rejected and his demands for more weapons systems were met with angry rebukes from Western leaders. What does this diplomatic disaster mean for the future of Kiev’s floundering efforts […]

LIDAR Scan Discovered an Unknown Civilization In The Amazon

✨ Elevate your style with this incredible collection! 👉 For centuries, it was believed that the Amazon Rainforest was a huge expanse of natural wilderness untouched by human hands, home to only a few tiny indigenous tribes since time immemorial. However, new research has shown that this longstanding belief is wrong, that in fact, […]