Ukraine In NATO? Foreign Ministers Flex Jaw Muscles in Bucharest

At the NATO foreign ministers summit in Bucharest this week, Member states talked tough about endless support for Ukraine “whatever it takes.” They also reiterated a 2008 pledge to eventually welcome Ukraine as a Member. Are they serious? Also today: Biden’s neocons are reportedly considering sending Patriot missiles to Ukraine despite Russian warnings that it […]

ASTONISHING UFO Encounter & Possible Abduction | Richard Dolan Show

Richard Dolan returns for another interview with Allan LaVigne, who previously talked about his fascinating history with the UFO organization APRO during the 1970s. In this discussion, Allan describes two remarkable personal encounters he had during that period of time. The first is a sighting of a clearly defined UFO on the outskirts of Tucson […]

Make America… Confusing Again

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