Real Paranormal Sightings in my House I Ask Entities to move Objects & little Fires appear

SOME OF YOU HAVE SEEN PARTS OF THIS… Thanks for being a member: his channel is being shadow banned…thanks for the interest. THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING…THANKS FOR THE INTEREST…. This is a real encounter and these are my very personal life experiences with the paranormal. Throughout my life this has always happened to me…I […]

NSF Live: What’s Next for Starship

NSF Live is’s weekly show covering the latest in spaceflight. It is broadcast live on Sundays at 3 pm Eastern … source

SpaceX Super Heavy Production Heats Up – Weekly Update #34

This week Falcon Heavy roars to life at HLC-39A, Booster 7 and Ship 24 undergo full stack cryo testing at the Boca Chica launch site, construction continues on Booster 9, Booster 10, Ship 26 and Ship 27 at the production site, and we have another batch of flyover photos from Cape Canaveral. Thanks for watching […]