The Power of the Dane Axe

A #shorts where I demonstrate the power of the Dane axe, a much feared Viking weapon. Tested on a “ballistic” head with the same strength as a human skull. Subscribe to to be notified about new videos and get updates about my novels. – Become a member of this channel: – Become my […]

Those Who Wake Up Early In The Morning Possess Special and Unique Qualities | Sadhguru

sadhguru says those who wake up early are of a unique and special quality, successful people always wake up early. those who wake up early have better sense of time. they use time in a better way. waking up early is an important habit for being successful. #sadhguru #sadhgurulatest #wakeup #morning #wakeupearly #motivation #wakeupmotivation #sadhguruspeech […]

This WILL Make Them Come Back & Beg To Be With You Again… (GUARANTEED)

Make them CHASE YOU! Manifest Your Dream Life With The Magnetic Activation Process here: ➡️ In this video, I’m gonna show you why they would come back and I’m gonna show you energetically how to unleash non-attached magnetic energy, so that you completely transform the energy dynamic that is currently going on. Now, the […]

They escaped the lockdowns to this Nicaraguan town

Max Blumenthal documents the lives of Canadians, Australians, Americans and those from as far as Singapore who left everything behind and resettled in the Nicaraguan beachside community of San Juan del Sur, all to escape the Covid lockdowns and mandates that nearly ruined their lives. These expats detail the hardship and repression of lockdown, the […]