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Join the Gaia investigative team and filmmakers in their fact-finding quest to unearth the secrets of the Nazca mummies. Could these ancient non-human remains be truly not of this world? We follow the investigative team from the moment they set foot in Peru and get their first glimpse of the mummified bodies. We then journey with them to the caves where the mummies were discovered, and we speak directly to the experts who examined the bodies with cutting-edge scientific technology. Now, we are finally able to reveal why it was so hard to share all of the details. At every step of the way, our researchers faced new challenges and unexpected setbacks. From deceptive tactics of the Peruvian grave robbers who discovered the bodies, to government agencies calling it an elaborate UFO hoax. Listen to experts from around the world, who directly examined the evidence, as they begin unraveling secrets that could rewrite the history of humanity. All the while asking the questions that everyone has been afraid to ask.

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